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Jewellery Hype gift voucher

Gift vouchers can be purchased in the following amounts: £10, £15, £20, £25, £30

The voucher will be sent to you by email. You will be able to print out the voucher to give to the recipient. The voucher will have a unique code and full instructions on how to redeem it with Jewellery Hype.
You won't be charged postage for buying a gift voucher, but please make sure your voucher order is paid for separately from any other jewellery you may be ordering.

Gift voucher: £10.00 GBP    

Gift voucher: £15.00 GBP    

Gift voucher: £20.00 GBP    

Gift voucher: £25.00 GBP    

Gift voucher: £30.00 GBP    

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